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Mitya Dmitry Orlov

General manager at Bio-Well company that produces Bio-Well devices and software. Founder and general director of AVD Company – studies of human ecology and living space ecology (geopathic stress analysis) and their interconnection.

More than 20 papers published in different journals and international conferences thesis, 7 author tutorials in EPI/GDV written.

Winner of Jacques Benveniste Award (Association Jacques Benveniste pour la recherché, 2009) for development of methodology of space and water measurements with the use of EPI/GDV technology.

Three years in a row has won State Grant of Saint-Petersburg Government (Russia) for the work with EPI/GDV technologies – study of the ultra-weak influences on water.

In 2010 has won the grant from Washington University to participate in the international conference in Vermont, USA, and present data about measurements of water and space with EPI/GDV technique.

Has conducted training seminars, presented EPI/GDV technology, took part in the international conferences worldwide: Czech Republic, Cuba, Germany, India, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Australia.

Together with prof. Korotkov has developed technology of space measurements using EPI/GDV method and constructed new type of sensor “GDV Sputnik” and new device “Bio-Well Space Scanner”. Dmitry has developed a unique methodology for assessment of the activity (energy) of the space (geopathic zones, geaoctive zones, abnormal zones).

Passed all education steps concerning assessment of human’s body state with EPI/GDV technique. Dmitry is a certified specialist in EPI/GDV technologies and is officially acknowledged to conduct seminars, train people and give them official certificates of Bio-Well EPI/GDV users.

Mitya Dmitry Orlov

Dmitry Orlov is Master of sciences in technical physics (Saint-Petersburg

State Technical University of Information Technologies,

Mechanics and Optics – Department of laser technique and laser technologies).