Kirlian effect, Aura and Energy Field. Any connection?

April 1st 2020 in Human Energy

Kirlian effect was named after Kirlian family from USSR that has devoted many years to the research in the area of bioelectrography in the second half of the XXth century. Semyon and Valentina Kirlian has found the effect of light emission around human hands when placed in the high voltage high frequency electromagnetic field.

An additional point

Unfortunately many people has got it wrong and started connecting the Kirlian effect with Aura and Energy field. In fact these terms are not connected, or connected very slightly and indirectly. In order to understand that let's define each of these three terms separately.

Kirlian photography ( is based on Kirlian effect or the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges.

Applying high voltage high frequency electromagnetic field to a conductive material attracts the free electrons from the surface of the conductive material. When these electrons fly out from the surface of the material they collide with the air molecules and create the corona discharge (light emission). If you photograph this corona discharge you will get Kirlian photo. Word “material” here can mean absolutely any conductive substance: it can be liquid, metal, living being. Human hands are not an exception from this rule – they are also conductive – that is why they also emit electrons under the influence of high voltage high frequency EMF.

We can make two conclusions from this definition:  

  •  Kirlian photo is an image of the light emission by the air (gas) molecules. It is not light emitted from the “material”!
  • Free electrons can be extracted from any conductive material, not only living ones.

So Kirlian photo is connected with the internal properties of the material like number of free electrons, not external properties, and we have to EXTRACT electrons from the source/material to have corona discharge and Kirlian photo.

Energy field should have a source of emission. Space around the source will be the media to transfer the energy of the source, where the field will be created. Source is about internal properties, while energy field is about external properties. If we talk about human being – we may say that we have some set of fields around us constantly: magnetic, acoustic, electric, chemical, etc. They walk with us 24/7. We don’t need to apply any high voltage to a human being to create the energy field around.

Comparing these three terms we can see that Kirlian effect is connected with the internal properties of the material, while “Aura” and Energy field are connected with the external properties. That is why it is not correct to say that Kirlian photography is about Energy field or “Aura”. Energy field and “Aura” are constantly covering us without any external influences. Kirlian effect and Kirlian photography is not about visualizing neither of them.
In example, infrared photography is much closer to visualization of them from the point of view of physics. It just photographs the default emission of the human body in some specific part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Conclusion: scientifically speaking Kirlian effect and Kirlian photography are not connected with “Aura” or Energy field of any substance, and human being in particular.

Term “Energy field” is easier to explain from the scientific point of view. We can easily read the definition of Field in a vocabulary – When we add Energy – we mean any kind of energy: magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, radioactive, acoustic, etc. Whenever something is transferred somewhere – energy is involved.

Term “Aura” has no scientific definition at all, so it is really hard to operate with this word. It is meant to be some kind of field floating around various objects, human beings in particular. So “Aura” should be walking with us and constantly covering us as some kind of a shield. I can’t add anything else about this term unfortunately. Science has not reached the state when it can assess “Aura”. We have to wait more…