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don't change the world

Please don't change the world

We start wondering how to change the world when we see unfairness and injustice, we lack happiness and feel disappointed with someone else. 

Unfortunately most of us are turning the mind and attention towards the outer world, whilst the keys to our personal health and happiness are inside of us and they do not depend on anyone or anything else around us! You don't believe in that? In this book you will find the proofs, most of which are scientifically checked. This book is a fusion of philosophy, Eastern medicine and quantum physics, that all together provide an unusual view on the reflexive need of modern people to change this World. 

The reader will be taken on a journey of discovery beginning with the factors of health and the significant role played by mindset, to the definition of soul from the perspective of quantum physics and the principles of interacting with the quantum reality, and ultimately arrive at the rules of effective creation of a happy subjective reality within which to live.

Change the world within

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