What you will learn with this eBook

  • Mind and body interconnection

    Interesting that modern medicine is coming to the same conclusions as ancient Auyrveda - keys to our health are lying in the mind (mindset) level.

  • Quantum science of the soul

    Quantum physics and modern medicine, psychology are showing that we have the ability to connect to the quantum reality. May be soul is doing it?

  • Are we really conscious

    Knowing that keys to our health are in our mind is not the whole solution, because we are not really controling our mind: 99% of things we are doing unconsciously.

  • How to create your own reality

    Resonance principle is defining the reality in which you live. Select mindfully with what you want to resonate - thus you will sculpt your reality.

  • How to interact with the quantum reality

    Your soul has an access to the eternal information field of quantum reality. Main trick is to know how to extract useful information from there.

  • How to propose your view to the world

    If you try to impose your view - you will feel resistance and you will have to fight with it. No need to fight: do not impose - just propose.

His style is unique. It is aface to face conversation of old friends, it is a lecture of a well informed man of science, it is a forecast of someone who sees future years ahead.
Nina Isaenkova
Nina Isaenkova
English Teacher
Well written with very clear explanation of serious topics accompanied with wonderful illustrations.
Dr. Korotkov
Dr. Korotkov
Professor, Inventor of GDV
Mr. Orlov blends accessible science and philosophy to remind the reader to look within rather than externally for the path to course correction.
Steve Grantowitz
Steve Grantowitz
General Manager

Take a sneak peek inside

Book is about principles that underlie our life. Doesn't matter what education you have - you will get it.

No need in multiple examples from life - you need to know only core principles on which this Universe is based. Understanding them will give you the keys to explanation of real-life situations. Just apply the principles.
Our mind works with images - that is why illustrations in this book are of a great importance for understanding the ideas.

  • Each chapter is devoted to one principle.
  • Each principle is explained with simple words.
  • Each chapter has an illustration to visualize the principle.
Body, mind and soul should be connected, but how to do that? This book is a guide to assemble such a puzzle.

Body, mind and soul interconnection

This book is about creating a holistic picture in your mind about how your body, mind and soul are interconnected, and how they interact with the external world - quantum reality.

Starting from health definitions from Ayurveda and modern medicine - both stating that your health is defined by the mindset. Trying to find the controller of the mindset will bring us to the definition of your consciousness and soul through the prism of quantum physics. We will find out that each one of us is living in a different world - subjective reality.

In order to be happy and healthy we need to collaborate with our soul that has access to the eternal quantum reality. The principles of this interaction are given in this book.

After reading this book you will have a solid scientific background that will support the saying "Change your mind - change your life".

Mitya Orlov. Please don't change the world.

A word from the Author

We start wondering how to change the world when we see unfairness and injustice, we lack happiness and feel disappointed with someone else. Unfortunately most of us are turning the mind and attention towards the outer world. The fact is that all the solutions are inside of you. In this book you will find the proofs based on modern and ancient science.

The principle "Please don't change the world" has been selected as the main title due to the fact that too many people in our days are wasting their energy on "Changing the World", whilest from the point of view of quantum physics it is impossible by default. We are just selecting the reality in which we want to live and we can propose the same to others, but we are not able to force anybody to resonate with us if they don't want to.

Change your mind - change your life. Please don't change the world!
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